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During 1960-1970, Hon. Mr. Ramchandra Khot, grandfather of Hon. Mr. Shashikant Khot, had started selling medicines, facilitating people in the name of 'Surekha Medicals' in his small General Stores located in Kapshi. This proved to be a boon for people of around 20-25 villages near Kapshi. After the Government passed the rule stating, medical facility should be provided by only authorized persons, he had to stop selling medicines. But his passion for opening a medical shop was never ending. For this sake he opted to educate his grandson in D.Pharmacy. He had an opportunity to send his grandson abroad for a reputed job, but he rejected it and in 1988 he started a Medical named Khot Medicals in Kapshi. In 2000, with the blessings of mother Mrs. Sarala and inspiration of father Mr. Vishwanath Khot, their son started a small firm sellingwholesale medicines in Gadhinglaj named 'Sarala Distributors'. He started his business with under companies & generic companies. After that with the support of chemists from Gadhinglaj, Ajara, Chandgad, Gargoti, Radhanagari, Kagal and other, he got the stockistship of renowned companies. Due to provision of fastest and emergency service for customers and commitment towards this business, this small store has successfully progressed towards becoming a big firm. With the support and blessings of all, we have taken a step ahead and we are relocating our firm in our own new building.

Along with Sarala Distributors, in 2006, we started Vishwanath Medicals at Gadhinglaj. Mr. Shashikant Khot was interested in social service too. So along with Hon. Minster. Mr. Hasan Mushrif, he started his social service for betterment of people. Under the leadership of Mr. Mushrif, he worked as a comittee member of Kagal Taluka's 'Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana' for 10 years. During this phase, he provided this facility to many poor and needy people. Similarly due to his social service for Kapshi people, he was elected in Kapshi Panchayat Samiti. Also he is currently working as Director of Kagal Taluka Group for last 3 years.

He has commendably handled both social service and Business. He has successfully commited these two responsibilites and his journey is coming out to be very successful.